John Deere 3046R

This is our mid-sized grading tractor.

Established in 2004 by Tony Showers, QC Silt Fence, Inc. was the pioneer as the erosion control company in the Quad Cities dedicated to providing complete erosion control and seeding services.    


QC Silt Fence, Inc.

QC Silt Fence, Inc.


Founded: 2004

Owner: Tony Showers

Certifications: Construction Site Erosion Control Inspector


Areas of expertise: Storm Water Management & Seeding Specialists 

Turf Maker - Hydro Seeder 

1,200 Gallon machine - State of the Art Hydro Seeder.

John Deere 2038R

We use this for grading and smaller jobs

John Deere 4066R

This is our large tractor dedicated to silt fence and larger grading jobs

Kubota 1120D

All purpose UTV 

Deere 50G Mini-x 

Excavator for bio-cell construction  

Equipment For Job: 

Straw Blower 

Straw blower 2 acres per hour 

Case 55C 

55 HP utility tractor

JCB - 260T 

Track loader machine,

Company Profile

QC Silt Fence, Inc.

Erosion Control & Seeding