• The wood filler retains an increased capacity to filter storm water, which increases filtration, and prevents and reduces erosion.
  • Siltworm retains more sediment than traditional perimeter controls such as silt fencing and allows a larger volume of clean water to pass through.
  • The wood filler separates and retains pollutants such as heavy metals, nitrogen, phosphorus, oil and grease, fuels, herbicides, pesticides, petroleum and other potentially hazardous substances (at rates of over 90%) thereby improving downstream water quality.
  • Siltworm can be installed on frozen ground and concrete
  • Its flexibility allows Siltworm to be wrapped around storm inlets for an added layer of protection.
  • With Siltworm, the line of defense can be moved as the job-site changes, saving our customers time and money, and our municipalities the headache of continual violations from building contractors who would otherwise be forced to wait on silt fence installers and equipment.
  • Siltworm has very limited trenching and staking requirements, which allows its users/contractors to install with ease.

Installation of Siltworm can be performed without disturbing the soil surface, thereby reducing erosion. Siltworm is not required to be staked or trenched which allows for easy access to construction sites and is not damaged by wind or aggressive rainfalls. These advantages lead to cost savings for your company, either through reduced labor and replacement or disposal costs.

The use of 100% recycled wood filler material provides the following benefits:

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Erosion Control & Seeding